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Inspired by a reddit image post (which I cannot for the life of me find again), I decided to take a series of photos of the sunset from my parents’ house at Cedar-by-the-Sea, Vancouver Island. I many photos over the course of several hours using a digital camera fixed in position on a tripod.

I thought it would look good to blend the images one into the other, so I wrote a quick python script using the Python Image Library. The script blends consecutive images using linear interpolation. An artistic choice to make was how wide the blended regions should be. I tried everything from relatively thin blending regions:

To almost completely blended images:

In the end, however, I decided that what looked the best was actually to have no blending, but rather sharp boundaries between the images. This actually accentuates the effect I was going for, which was to show the changing light over time. Blending the images together actually lessens the effect, rather than enhancing it as had hoped. I plan to get the finished product printed and framed:

Here’s the code for the script I used (apologies for quick-and-dirtiness):

import sys
from PIL import Image

def imageblend(imdir, numimages = 5, blendwidth=0):
    if not blendwidth%2 == 0:
        raise Exception('blendwidth not even')

    im = Image.open(imdir+"im1.jpg")
    (width, height) = im.size

    for i in range(1, numimages):
        imnum = i+1
        centre = i*width/numimages - 1

        im_i = Image.open(imdir+'im%d.jpg'%(imnum))

        for x in range(blendwidth):
            col_ind = centre - (blendwidth/2) + x +1
            col_box = (col_ind, 0, col_ind+1, height-1)
            col_o = im.copy().crop(col_box)
            col_i = im_i.copy().crop(col_box)
            col = Image.blend(col_o, col_i, float(x)/blendwidth)
            im.paste(col, col_box)

        rest_box = (centre+blendwidth/2+1, 0, width-1, height-1)
        rest = im_i.copy().crop(rest_box)
        im.paste(rest, rest_box)


def main():
    imdir = sys.argv[1]

if __name__=='__main__':