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You should all be watching Steins;Gate There was a rant that bounced up and down the tubes of the internet this week, talking about how one poor fellow migrated all of his important data into google services, only to have google pull the digital rug out from under him by deleting his account after it was algorithmically flagged.  This sucks, but one thing I have always been pestered about is the importance of regular backups.  Just because google is “the cloud” doesn’t mean your data is in a deadly limbo state of potential destruction if you don’t back it up.  The problem is, backing up a machine you control is damn easy, while backing up your cloudified data is not. With my linux machine, backing up the entire user directory is as simple as

tar -cvzf /media/backupdrive/backup.tar.gz /home/myuser

There isn’t anything that simple with all my google stuff.  So, I’ve decided to start working on a python and/or bash tool called gback for automatically making a backup of all your google things:  I’m going to be starting with gmail and docs, and move onto picasa and other services.  I’ve yet to lay down any code, but the project will be hosted on my github account here.  Updates will come as work progresses.