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Thinkpad TabletShort post today, I overdid it and started a much longer post I can’t finish tonight, and I’m getting mighty tired.  Instead of that, let me point out a bit of exciting tech news from today:  Lenovo has release an Android tablet that actually looks like I might buy it.   A Thinkpad Tablet!

It can finally replace my old tablet:

Sexagesimal, bitches.

Seriously, how hard is it to throw in a stylus for my cuneiform?

Honestly, though, all I want is a tablet that can replace a pad of paper.  That means a digitizer and pen, not a finger and capacitive sensor.  I’m not doing finger painting, I’m doing physics.  We shall see how the reviews look when the thing finally hits the shelves, but I might be out a chunk of change before the summer is out ;).