This evening, after our regular hackerspace meeting, we got together for the Calgary Dorkbot meeting for July.  And let me tell you, it was like being 9 years old again.  So much fun.  If your city has a Dorkbot, do yourself a favour and head down to their upcoming meeting.  You will only regret if you suck.

Dorkbot’s motto is “people doing strange things with electricity.”  And it is!  Picture a jam session, but with gadgets, junk, glue & solder rather than instruments.  People build art, toys, robots, and just plain strangeness.  Today we built a Rube Goldberg machine!  It used all junk and household materials too!  It started with a candle burning through a string, which then fired a springloaded arm, launching a golfball, which knocked a balloon and counterweight off a tower, which raised a lever, firing a pendulum that flicked a switch, turning on a motor which rotated an arm around, knocking a little ball down a ramp, and smashing a pile of tiny shot glasses!  Seriously, it was the most childlike fun I’ve had in ages.  If you want to meet cool people and do pointless but fun things, find your local Dorkbot.

Dorkbot Calgary

Reliving my childhood, building a Rube Goldberg machine out of junk