One week down, 13 to go.  To be completely honest, I’m already starting to feel some trepidation at having to come up with topics for each day.  I’m finding myself wishing I was more creative, a better writer, and doing more things.  This is a good thing, however, as desire is the first cobble on the road towards achievement.  Hopefully this project will succeed in its goal, and help me become better at other projects as well as becoming a better blogger and writer.  I’ve found myself going through the halls and storerooms of my mind for projects that I once wanted to do, but gave up on because of laziness or procrastination.  I’m trying to apply the principles of Bre Pettis’ Done Manifesto to my hobbies, and so far it has been going alright.  I swear, though, for all the joy the internet brings me, it  really can be a quagmire of instant gratification that leaves me feeling foggy and unfulfilled.  I need to disconnect some times, just so that I can work on the other things that cheer me up and make me feel like I am getting things done.  Even if those things are installing linux distros for fun, or building useless robots.