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The IncalSo, yesterday afternoon, I rode my bike down to Oolong Tea House in Kensington (if you are Calgrian, go there.  It’s my favourite hangout in the city) and picked up a copy of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius’ 1981 classic, The Incal.  And woah boy, let me tell you, it has been very enjoyable.  I’m only just over halfway through, but it so far I am totally engrossed.

If you like cyberpunk, space opera, and crazy psychedelic/new age sci-fi stories, do your self a favour and go buy a copy.   Blade Runner, Akira,  and The Fifth Element  are all hugely influenced by this fantastic book.  Just make sure you don’t get screwed over with a bowlderized edition.  Moebius’ art is spartan by modern standards, but it is absolutely gorgeous,  far too beautiful to let it be ruined by the crude hands of censors.  I got the Classic Collection, which you can pick up on amazon for just under $50.  It’s a 307 page hardcover full-colour book, so the price isn’t as outrageous as it seems.  Well, if you’ll excuse the short post, I’m off to read more Incal!