With so many wicked awesome gsm phones either already here or on their way, I’m starting to get serious protocol envy. I’ve currently got a pretty decent student plan with Bell, but unfortunately, they are a CDMA carrier. Naturally, there are a number of reasons to prefer GSM to CDMA: the ease of changing phones and carriers via SIM cards, the better overseas coverage, and, as I said before, better phones.  So, as soon as the first hardware with Android arrives (the T-mobile G1), I am going to try to get Bell to end my contract.  How, you might ask?  By actually using it.  Most telecommunications companies grossly oversell their networks, as the vast majority of users never even begin to approach full use of the service they pay for.  So, once I find out if I can get me a pocket of linuxphone goodness, my phone will be wardialing from 9pm-5am (free calling!) and every minute I am not using it on the weekend (also free calling!).  Depending on what I can do with that, I may also exploit the “unlimited browsing” feature in my contract (no tethering though).  If anyone else has any ideas to help me congest the network and hopefully have Bell pull the plug on me, let me know.