I thought I’d mirror Ben’s music post with one of my own. More detailed description of my musical tastes can be obtained through perusal of my last.fm account. If you don’t know, last.fm is an amazing service which logs song plays and contructs a profile for you with Neighbours (people with similar musical taste) and recommendations for similar artists. Plugins are available for pretty much any music player I’ve come across. In addition, through the audioscrobbler project, they provide a powerful interface to all this data which can be used to create applications.

Here are the records I’ve happened upon this summer and absolutely can’t get enough of. I realize two of these are over a decade old… I guess I’m a little behind the times, but they’re timeless classics anyways:

DJ Shadow – Endtroducing….

200px-Endtroducing DJshadow

Words are simply insufficient to express my love for this album, which I only discovered in it’s entirety last week. I’d already heard most of it’s tracks individually on last.fm, and had marked most of them as favourites, but didn’t realize they were all part of one amazing album until one auspicious night, I saw nirvana. This album is a classic and pretty much created the trip-hop genre. DJ Shadow also won a Guinness record for creating the first album composed entirely of sampled audio. There’s just not a bad track on this, sublime from beginning to end.

RJD2 – Deadringer

200px-Rjd2 Deadringer Cover

Another wonderful complete album. Much in the same vein as the earlers DJ Shadow album, but with the addition of two great rap tracks.

Mr. Scruff – Keep it Unreal

200px-MrScruff KeepItUnreal albumcover

Not quite as complete as the other two, but this has some of my favourite tracks on it, namely Get a Move On and Spandex Man.