I’ve been finally getting back to doing some coding after a three-month hiatus.  Working full time, and taking night classes was just too time consuming to work on any side projects.  With coding, comes music.  I think many people out there would agree with me that it is much easier to grind through a project if there is something in the background to listen to. 

The musical genre I most enjoy, both for work and pleasure listening is post-rock.  Wikipedia has an excellently concise definition of post-rock: Simply put, it is the use of ‘rock instrumentation’ for non-rock purposes. Post rock draws influence from a number of genres, from jazz to electronica. I love the fact that many songs break the 20-minute mark for length. The biggest feature I find that distinguishes is massive use of dynamics.  Not only does post-rock often have massive, Baroque-style dynamic changes, it also accompanies these changes with changes in tempo and timbre that gives songs in the genre a powerful sound.

One feature that I find makes post-rock ideal for doing cerebral work like coding is that, in general, it lacks vocals.  I find that vocals are by far the most distracting element of a song, as they invariably force different parts of my brain to become more active, and inevitably draw some attention away from my work towards the music. Some of the albums I am enjoying right now are:

God is an Astronaut- All is Violent, All is Bright

A nice all-around album, not particularly aggressive or fast-paced, but not dull either.

65 Days of Static- The Destruction of Small Ideals

The Destruction of Small Ideals

More so than any previous 65dos album, this album feels like I am listening to the Mandelbrot Set. (Plus, The Distant and Mechanized Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties is the single-coolest song title ever)

Yndi Halda- Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Yndi Halda’s only album, the last song on this EP, Illuminate My Heart, My Darling! is a fantastic 16-minute exercise in dynamics